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Robert R. Levinson

Robert R. Levinson

An Accomplished Attorney With an Intellectual Approach to the Law

One of the top Middlesex County civil litigators in in commercial litigation and personal injury cases over the last two decades, Robert R. Levinson is an accomplished attorney with an intellectual and philosophical approach to the law. President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, (New Jersey), Mr. Levinson is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. His work is highly respected among his peers who voted him one of the 10 leaders in personal injury law in northern and central Jersey.

Pull of the Law

Robert Levinson says he always felt like a lawyer, a feeling that intensified during high school summers when he worked at a relative’s law firm. Plus, his early interest in the American Revolution, his admiration for the principled rectitude of the courtroom lawyer cum Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s to Kill a Mockingbird, and his father and grandfather’s advice “to give back" deepened his interest in the law. The union of these influences led him to trial law, an area in which he believed he could achieve the greatest good for his clients.

His well-organized, well-prepared approach to the law has served him well, and he practices with an integrity and purity of belief in the power of the law to serve individuals.

He was raised with a notion that this country’s laws were predicated on the balance between the power of the individual and the power of government. Through his many years of practice in commercial litigation and commercial transactions, he has expanded this perspective to support a strong belief in the need for balance between the needs of society and the needs of business. He says an individual can’t be protected from business without the opportunity to have a jury trial. It’s a “way of providing a level playing field necessary for this democracy.”

Today’s Law

To that end, he has developed hundreds of complex commercial litigation cases out of his practice which includes litigation and transaction law for some large investment and venture-capital firms in the region. He also represents many business owners in the hotel industry, particularly in the area from Bergen County south to the central Jersey, New Brunswick area.

He says one of the hallmarks of a good lawyer is having the foresight to recognize when a case will be too challenging. Representation in such a case will be of little value to a client and it behooves an attorney to have the mindfulness to shepherd the case on to someone else who is better equipped to achieve the desired outcome.

Another important component: to serve the clients by answering their calls to help them understand what work is being done, to meet with them to assess their situation at a given point in time, and to make certain clients grasp the various consequences of different strategies.

Mr. Levinson has come to understand and appreciate the challenges of his profession and the changes it has taken over the years during which he has practiced. Unfortunately, the level of competition has changed as has the cost factor in preparing for trial. Costs to secure expert witnesses can be astronomical. “It’s sad to say, but it weighs the law down with a materialistic motive” he says.

Contributions Outside His Practice

Mr. Levinson shares his deep knowledge and comprehensive expertise in the law with others and has led several state and regional organizations. He is a member of the New Jersey Bar Association and the Middlesex County Bar Association, as well as the Middlesex County Trial Lawyers Association. He is a past president (1991) of the New Jersey Section of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. He was admitted to practice in New Jersey in 1976 and received his designation as a certified civil trial attorney from the New Jersey Supreme Court in 1985. He was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court in 1986. From 1994 to 1996 he served as chairman of the Legal Political Action Committee of Association of Trial Lawyers of America (New Jersey).

Mr. Levinson has written and lectured extensively on trial law issues, including product liability, trial practices and class-action litigation.

He graduated from Widener University Law School in 1975. Upon graduation, he joined a Delaware law firm but was promptly lured back to his home state of New Jersey, where he joined an uncle and cousin who also practiced law. He eventually laid down roots in Edison where he established his own firm.

A resident of Edison, Mr. Levinson has three grown children and five grandchildren.


  • Washington & Jefferson College, BA, 1969
  • Widener University Law School, JD, 1975

My strongest skill is believing in my clients and presenting their cases effectively to a jury.

Robert R. Levinson

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