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Commercial Transactions Attorney

When sealing a business deal with a contract, it’s important that companies set standard terms of purchase and sale to protect them from contractual disputes in the future. LevinsonLaw reviews and drafts commercial agreements for the purchase, lease, consignment or termination of various firms and individuals, in large part in the hotel and hospitality industries. We also provide counsel related to franchise agreements, terminations and disputes.

Exciting but Complicated Transactions Need the Best in Transaction Law

It’s exciting to start a new business but how do you grow it, make it successful and ensure the business flourishes? At LevinsonLaw, we recognize the industry and financial pressures that individuals face when it comes to starting, growing, selling or closing their businesses.

We understand wage and hour laws, vendor contracts, supplier issues, liquor licenses, tenant occupancies and union/management issues, and this means we can help you get your business off to a promising start. And, when you decide you want to expand, we’re there for you, as we are if and when you change course, and decide to close your business.

Our skill sets are diverse and your best interest is our number one priority. So, call us as you embark on your new venture and we’ll ensure the protections that get you off on the right foot.

Commercial Legal Transactions

Our serices include:

  • Commercial Contractual Relationships
  • Hotel Ownership
  • Franchises/Franchising
  • Liquor License Disputes
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Tenancy Disputes
  • Zoning
  • Environmental Issues
  • Union/Management Relations

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